Techno Crazed!

As the year is slowly coming to an end. It’s ending with a technological bang! It has been leaked that Google’s latest Android OS ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) will be coming at the ending of October or in November, basically this fall. So all android users be prepared. It’s really soon since Google recently released early this year their Tablet based Honeycomb OS.
The newest android OS will somehow make both the phone and tablet interfaces run on one plane. Kind of how the Ipod touch can change the channel on an apple television. I am definitely looking forward to this advancement on my phone and future tablet.
Latest in the world of tablets, in the left corner is Apple’s Champion “The Ipad”, in the right corner is Androids best Suitor “The Sony Tablet S”. The Ipad is flawless in its OS and runs smooth. The Sony Tablet S runs the same, running on the latest Android OS Honeycomb 3.2. The Ipad is pretty self explanatory, since just about everyone has seen, heard, interacted, or owns one running on their latest IOS 5. The Android market has been holding its own against the Apple company with its very diverse group of Android tablets. Companies such as HTC, Motorola, Skytek, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Dell, Notion Ink, HP, Toshiba, Blackberry, and now Sony has joined the Tablet scene.

Sony has created one of the best tablets in the market today. Their Sony Tablet S not only runs on the Android OS but is also Playstation certified and allows you to play playstation one games and PSP games as well. Sony has created 2 variations of their Tablet. There is the Tablet S which is your standard high end tablet, with a 16GB and 32GB version, and there is the Tablet P which is more toward a 4G tablet phone. The Tablet P is very innovative since it is pretty much a huge touch screen nintendo ds, which is also playstation certified. The fold design on the Sony Tablet P is very innovative, but not far from nintendo’s ds system.

I will keep up to date with more Electronic Updates.

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