Phone Diversity

It is true that everyone is not an IPhone person, a Blackberry person, or Android person. Today in the world of phones there is a huge diversity in what you as the ultimate consumer will want. If you want a phone that does video conferencing, that is easy on your budget, that can play games, create Microsoft documents, can make local and international calls, that is easy to use, small and portable, a flip phone, touchscreen, connection to your computer, take pictures, make 3D movies, can browse the internet, download music, watch shows, and the list can go on depending on what you want.

Now, the phone’s of today cover just about all those little demands that you want, and way more. Phones have gone far beyond the scope of just calling friends, they are our media entertainment, our home for news, our core for socializing and event planning, our memory makers. They do just about all the necessary little things we need them to do in our everyday work lives.

Many of the phones that are being created today, especially, the up to date phones, have dual core processors; such as Qualcomm and Snap Dragon, PowerVR Graphics processor, Nvidia Tegra 2, Apple’s A5 processor, Hummingbird, 1GB RAM, and can have extended memory up to 32GB via sd card or built in already, 1-2 GHz for intense video game playing. Many of these phones, except for the IPhone’s, are Flash compatible giving all your devices access to computer based internet browsing, and online viewing. However, Apple has created it’s own version of Flash; Quicktime which does everything Flash does.

There are many companies out there, reason being because people have their own personal preference as to what they want from a company. So I have composed a list of the latest phones from each of these companies, which just so happen to be the best phones out for each phone service company.

AT&T: “Rethink Possible”

1) The IPhone 4s

2) Samsung Nexus Prime

3) The IPhone 4

4) The Motorola Atrix

5) The Samsung Galaxy S II

Sprint: “The Now Network”

1) The IPhone 4S:

2) HTC Evo 3D:

3) Motorola Photon 4G

4) Samsung Epic 4G

5) The HTC Arrive:

Boost: “Where you at?”

1) Samsung Transform Ultra:

2) Samsung Galaxy Prevail:

3) Blackberry 9670:

4) Blackberry Curve 8530:

5) Sanyo Innuendo

T-Mobile: “Get more, and Stick together”

1) HTC Sensation 4G

2) HTC Inspire 4G

3) Samsung Galaxy S II

4) MyTouch Slide 4g

5) HTC HD7

Metro PCS: “Wireless for All”

1) LG Esteem

2) Samsung Galaxy Indulge

3) Samsung Craft

4) Blackberry Curve 8530

5) Samsung Admire

These phones bring us all together. They are the current top of the line phones for the year 2011. I can’t wait to see what is coming next year. Stay tuned.

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