HTC EVO 4G LTE & HTC One X both delayed because Apple cried “Unlawful Patent”.

Apple has build a huge negative fan-base recently because of a lovely little stunt they pulled on HTC consumers this past Tuesday, May 15, 2012. I am not sure why they waited to cry “Unlawful Patent” until pre-orders had gone through in droves of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Android users, from both AT&T and Sprint. So now our phones are being held hostage by US Customs, and the International Trade Commission (ITC) is up in arms because Apple wanted to catch a tantrum. Skeptics are saying that this is Apple’s way of trying to 1-Up android/Google, others are saying that Apple is just a big bully looking for the next person to pick on, but in reality this has created a huge negative backlash against the giant company. So for the thousands of people who were looking forward to having this phone in our hands(including myself) later this week, Apple has successfully slapped us across the face, and pissed us off!

AT&T had recently posted up that they are out of stock, and Sprint released on its website that HTC is currently fixing things regarding this issue and are unsure of when the phones will be released to consumers( HERE). This is not only making us incredibly anxious to start molesting this flagship phone, but is really building tension all across the board. It’s like having a glass wall if front of you and you can’t get passed it, it’s really freakin’ annoying!

I can’t express how angry I was when I read that HTC had until April 19, 2012 to fix the “Patent” issue that Apple had brought to court, which was apparently done and over with earlier this year. The issue in question is what smart phones should be able to do for us without getting annoyed with the task. It’s syncing contacts and dates to the appropriate apps. ie. your Facebook contacts get synced to your phones contacts list, birthdays get put in your calender and etc. Accordingly, HTC had already cooperated with the lawsuit happy giant that is Apple, but somehow has come back during pre-order season. It feels like Apple really targeted these phones during their peak of demands, and shot a big “F.U.” bomb at everyone.

So for the time being let us come together, and release our anger towards Apple for indirectly giving us the middle finger.

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