HTC EVO 4G LTE never skipping a beat.

Its been a month and some change since the EVO 4G LTE has come out. Many people were angry, about a couple hundred thousand, with Apple for there tiff-taff with HTC, but then again it’s Apple that goes around kicking and screaming unlawful patents and what not. But I cannot express how happy I and many others are with this phone.

I love to see how truly capable a device is by pushing its limits to the max. So of course some device molesting was involved. I downloaded all the emulators I could. From the PSX to the N64, all ran smooth. I’m talking The Legend of Zelda and the Minish Cap, Pokemon Emerald, Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy IX,  Breath of Fire III, Breath of Fire IV, Grandia, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, and Resident Evil.

The camera on this phone is amazing. Just hold that shudder button bam tons of pictures taken at once, you can choose the best ones you want, upload them via instagram, facebook, or Google+. Emails, Netflix, Banking Apps, and whatever else you use to keep yourself entertained with is so simple to use. I really like the Ice Cream Sandwich(4.0) software, it runs very nice, I really like the Face Unlock feature, it’s just a pain to use with no light around, but that’s what we have the slide or pass code for as backup.

Personally, I really like using the wireless and wired HDMI accessory with this phone, the way it looks is like a my Flat Screen just got smart. Which is another topic, smart TV’s, but that’s for another article/blog. The EVO LTE is an HTC one X variant, difference is it comes originally with 16G built in, and the additional option of placing up 32GB via SD.The battery life is very impressive, under my heavy usage it lasts about 5-6 hrs. When I am barely on it, which is rare, it lasts up to more than 15 hrs. This phone screams easy to use and powerful to keep up with everything you throw at it.

Depending on what network you’re with, Sprint or AT&T, the phone will cost $200.00 with a new contract. If your like me, an inpatient person with the tech toys, you will pay $652 depending on the area code your in, taxes will vary.

That’s all for now :3

So what is your favorite feature of your HTC One phone or EVo 4G LTE?


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