Bonjour! Hola! And Hello! Welcome to my Online Portfolio. I am a Food Pornographer, Professional Chef, and user of Social Media. I am looking forward to traveling the world, and experiencing all the cuisine the globe has to offer a fellow Broxanite.  I am sought after by many employers, and work hard to keep high food quality, and effective professional standards.

Proud Chef Johnattan Morales

Throughout the years, I have used all skills attained through my experiences, gone through many rigorous and onerous ordeals, and continue to maintain an altruistic view of my goals and the future ahead of me. I have worked in the New York Culinary Circuit since 2007. I have worked closely with management, and the Union ‘Local 6’, to know all the in’s and out’s of this industry within the United States.

I’ve worked at Montefiore Hospital, the formerly known ‘Moda’ restaurant located at the now shut down ‘Flatotel’, worked within Waldy Malouf’s fine dining ‘Beacon’ restaurant,  the Hilton Manhattan East’s very own Tudor Bar and Grill restaurant, the London NYC’s restaurant Maze by Gordon Ramsay, and the Banjamin Hotel’s the NTL restaurant. I have worked with many management companies such as The Proccacianti Group, Deniham, and Blackstone. I have successfully completed my Baccalaureate Degree in Business in Hospitality Management from the City University of New York, and have gained the taste for travel with the inclination of expanding myself abroad.

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Disclaimer*All photos on this website have been taken by myself, I take full credit for everything posted up within this blog!*

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